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New Website Special $500

For this month, I will design, setup, host and publish a website similar to this website for your business for $500.

What I include in my services:

  • WordPress design, setup, hosting and design with a domain name and one email address. Email can be forwarded to your existing email
  • Support for one year. Then $50 for each addiotional year of support.
  • Training if needed.
  • Mobile ready website
  • Google Analytics to track who is using your site.
  • Section for a blog and/or announcements
  • Photo Galleries with FooGallery, add your own images or stock photos at cost.
  • Full access to the website so you can make any changes or updates.
  • Backups of your website sent to your email account.
  • Links to social media accounts and social media feeds.
  • MailChimp account so you can send out emails to past and potential customers. ¬†When visitors fill out the Contact Us, their information would also retained for future email announcements.
  • Automatic updates for both WordPress and plugins.

I envision your business website as having up to 5 static pages such as Home, About us, list of services with images and a contact us page. Then a News feed so that visitors can easily see the most recent updates first. An image gallery to show images of your past work.

What you would need to provide me:

  • Content for the website, such as About Us or information about your business, the services that you provide and images.
  • Preferred domain name, you can go here to see what is available.
  • Contact information such as an email address for the contact page of the website.
  • List of people that you want to be able to update the site (if any).
  • Desired color scheme. is useful for creating color combinations
  • Community Links or links to other websites that you would want.
  • Email addresses that you currently use, or desire to use for your business.